Exam Preparation Announcement

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The purpose of this announcement is to help you prepare for the Data Networks exam. In principle, the exam covers all content discussed in the lectures and the tutorials. However, the focus will lie on tasks asking you to apply your knowledge, i.e., there will be very few questions expecting free-text, essay-like answers. Be prepared to solve tasks by applying your knowledge to a variety of scenarios, covering all network layers and their interactions. For the exam you may bring along a one A4 page with notes as auxiliary material. Below you find the meta content of the exam.

Good luck!

Texts to Read Carefully

Cover Sheet

  • Be prepared to fill in your personal data and your signature on the cover sheet.

Text below the Fill-In Boxes and the Signature Field on the Cover Sheet

  • Only one sheet of paper and one dictionary are allowed as auxiliary material.
  • Do not write in red or green and do not use pencils.
  • You have 120 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Your exam will be graded anonymously. Thus, please provide the above given exam ID (XXX) on every additional piece of paper.
  • Overall, you can achieve 100 points. 50 points are sufficient to pass the exam (grade: 4.0).
  • Place your identification card and student ID card next to you on your table.
  • This exam consists of (XXX) A4 pages, including the cover sheet.

Multiple Choice Introduction Text

The following questions are multiple choice questions. Each question consists of 4-5 answer choices. At least one choice is true and at least one choice is false. Please mark all the true choices with a cross. To correct a misplaced cross, draw an empty circle symbol to the left of the statement. For each question, points will only be given if all choices are marked correctly.

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