Midterm Retake Exam

Written on 03.06.2024 11:28 by Tiago Heinrich

Dear Students,


Registration for the Midterm Retake Exam is open - (remember the exam will happen Friday, 7th of June, 9:00 CEST).


The registration is only for students who registered for the Midterm Exam that 

  • (i) failed 
  • (ii) could not participate due to medical reasons and have a medical certificate can participate in the midterm retake.


Please make sure that you send the medical certificate to the data network email address.


We would like to remind you that the exam will take place in-person, where we will provide printed versions of the exam for everyone.



 - Read carefully all the information on the introduction sheet.

 - Make sure that you fill in identification information correctly (Name, student ID)

 - You will have 90 minutes at your disposal to solve the exam

 - You are allowed to bring sheet(s) of paper and/or a single notebook (laptop) to the Midterm retake exam for a quick look at the lectures material (slides, self-made notes).

 - However, please note for the whole duration of the exam, you are not allowed

  1. Any access to the Internet AND
  2. Access to other smaller smart devices (such as Smartphones, Tablets, etc)


Good luck,

DN Team

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