Hands-On-Networking course

Written on 05.04.2024 15:54 by Pascal Hennen

Dear Students,

Due to the existing overlap between the Hands-On-Networking course and our course, there are the following regulations with regard to taking both courses:

  1. You are _not_ allowed to use both courses as an (compulsory choice) lecture / (Wahlpflicht) Vorlesung. 
  2. You are allowed to use Data Networks as an (compulsory-choice) lecture / (Wahlpflicht) Vorlesung while using Hand-on Networking as either a seminar, practical course / Praktika, or as a free-choice module. If you do so, you can get the full 15 Credit Points / ECTS Points for taking both courses.

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us an email to

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