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Written on 16.04.2024 22:10 by Tobias Fiebig

Dear Students,

we received various feedback around our decision to not record or stream the lectures this year. We would like to share our reasoning behind that decision, hoping that this will give you some reassurance that you are not missing out on content.

"Lecture Recordings" in the previous year were done with a notebook with a webcam plus an additional bluetooth headset worn by the lecturer. This did not necessarily created 'good' recordings. Furthermore, lectures often span multiple topics, making it difficult to have 'one video, one topic'. At the same time, creating the recording often interrupted the lecture.

At the same time, we do have the videos we made in 2020, when we all felt the sudden need to not be on campus. These are one-video one-topic, and have been recorded with proper recording equipment.

The content changes we implemented for this year focus on the order of topics, while the core-content stays the same, i.e., these video just have to be watched in a different order, while being of significantly better quality.

Finally, given that when it came to dealing with lecture recordings myself, I tended to be a person who spent far too much time downloading lecture recordings, promised themselves to really watch them this time, and then instead decided to do a spontaneous "Is it possible to watch a whole show with 7 seasons in 24h"-thing instead:

Many of the topics in the lecture have an equally practical part as the theoretical part we focus on in this course (given that this is a university course). What I always found much more effective is actually setting these things up (usually: repeatedly), and playing with them in practice (incidentally often while being five seasons into some show).

If there is enough interest for an introduction to setting things up, I'd be happy to stream a session on how to get some virtual machines going on, e.g., your notebook to do just that.

Please use the forum to start a thread on that, if there actually is some widespread interest in such a session, which we can then use to coordinate a date for it.


With best regards,



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