Combining Data Networks and Hands-On Networking

Written on 26.03.2021 00:03 by Seifeddine Fathalli

Dear students,

If you plan to enroll in both "Hands-On Networking" and "Data Networks" courses, there are few regulations that you have to take into consideration: 

(1) You are _not_ allowed to use both courses as compulsory elective lectures / (Wahlpflicht) Vorlesungen.

(2) You are allowed to use "Data Networks" as a compulsory elective lecture/ (Wahlpflicht) Vorlesung while keeping "Hands-On Networking" as either a seminar, a practical course / Praktika, or as an elective module. Hence, you would be able to collect all 15 Credit / ECTS points offered by both courses.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

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