Information about the oral exams

Written on 28.06.2021 11:19 by Mirko Palmer

Hello there,

We will conduct the oral exams between July 28th, 2021, and August 18th, 2021
You can already (un-)register for the exam on your own in HISPOS/LSF and you can do so until July 21st end-of-day.

Oral exams will be conducted virtually (expect zoom) and will take approximately 30 minutes.
Each student will get a calendar invitation with their designated exam slot.
Due to the high number of oral exams, slot changes are not allowed except for the following reasons:

1) Due to your timezone, the scheduled oral exam would take place before 8 am or after 8 pm.
2) You have an exam that overlaps with the scheduled exam.
Note: this rule does not apply for another exam on the same day which does not overlap with your oral exam with us.
3) You have a medical certificate.
4) There are unforeseen and important circumstances that temporarily do not allow you to participate in the exam.

In any of such cases, we expect you to write us an email with detailed information on why we should change your examination slot until three days before your examination.The decision on whether we provide you with a new slot lies on our end.

Finally, you will have to provide us with a written consent that we are allowed to conduct the exam virtually.
If you registered for the exam and we do not receive your written consent before 8 am on the day of your exam, you will automatically fail the exam—we will make the form available during this week in a separate news post.

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