Oral Online Exam Declaration of Consent

Written on 29.06.2021 13:01 by Mirko Palmer

Dear Students,

im order for us to assign you an exam slot, you must declare your consent to participate in an online oral examination.

We uploaded a form in German and English
Please Note: only the German version is officially binding; therefore, submissions of the English version are not allowed and will be ignored.

Fill in the information about yourself (section 1 - Student information), carefully read the 'Notes' section, and provide us with your signature. 

Please fill out the form as soon as possible!
Again: without the signed form, we can not assign you an exam slot.

The submission deadline is Sunday, July 11th, 2021, 23:59 CEST and the respective submission can be done in the same interface as your regular assignment submissions under the heading ''Oral Exam: Declaration of Consent''.

If you did not provide your written consent before the deadline and you did not unregister from the exam in time, you will automatically fail the exam.


Some more hints:

Only fill in section 1, we will fill in section 2!

To provide us with your signature, you have 3 different options:
1) print, sign, scan the document, and save it as pdf
2) sign it with a digital pen (e.g. using a tablet)
3) sign it using a very clear, high-quality photo of your signature and insert it into the pdf

It is not enough to write your name with a digital font!


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