Your chance to evaluate this course!

Written on 30.06.2021 22:26 by Mirko Palmer

Good news everyone,

the lecture period slowly comes to an end and before we will judge your performance once again* in the oral exams, 
you have the chance to judge us!

The Qualis-Team prepared two evaluation surveys (in english), one for the lecture and one for the tutorials, 
and we would kindly ask you, if you have a few minutes to spare, to fill them out.

The survey is anonymous, so don't hold back - but, since we were not yet replaced by teaching-robots, we do still have feelings ;)


The lecture survey is here:
The tutorial survey is here:

The deadline to fill them out is July 15.




* we of course still have to correct assignments and we will upload assignment 12 tomorrow, but including that made the sentence too clunky.

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