Discord server

Written on 13.04.2021 18:12 by Mirko Palmer


Dear Students,

Since remote collaboration can be challenging, we provide you with a free text and voice chat.
You are able to join the Data Networks 2021 Discord server via the following link.

Discord allows you to stay completely anonymous or to set up an account and use it from all of your devices simultaneously.
To join anonymously via the in-browser app, click on the above link and enter a temporary user name. If Discord asks you to claim your account, click outside of the box.

Before you can use the server, you have to read and accept the server guidelines by reacting to the post, i.e., clicking the thumbs-up below the post.

As mentioned in the guidelines, we will monitor the Discord server on a best-effort basis, i.e., it is more a place for you to collaborate than it is another way of contacting us, but we will stick around and, as time permits, help with unanswered questions.

Joining the Discord server is not mandatory. We will only post information to the Discord server that is available via the news section or the course forum—you will not miss any information if you do not join the Discord server.

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If you encounter technical problems, please contact the administrators.