TCP Tutorial clarification

Written on 09.06.2023 15:58 by Cristian Munteanu

Dear Students,

in today's tutorial (Tutorial 3, Friday 09.06, 10.00) we discussed the TCP retransmission behavior, and I would like to clarify some points.

If TCP detects a packet loss, the retransmission behavior depends on the implementation of TCP.

The simple Go-back-N implementation, for example, will retransmit the entire available window, starting from the last acknowledged sequence number (as discussed in the tutorial)

TCP Reno on the other hand, will act a bit smarter. It will enter 'fast recovery' mode and only resubmit the lost segment. If there is still space in the sending window left, it will retransmit new segments as allowed. It will NOT resubmit everything from the lost segment onwards. For more details, you can also have a look at the congestion control state machine in Lecture 9, Slide 41.

Have a nice weekend and good luck in the midterm!

Best Regards,

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