Written on 16.06.2023 11:40 by Cristian Munteanu

Dear Students,

we hear that you are all anxious about the results of the mid-term assignment.
We are still busy grading the assignment, but would like to already provide you
with some information along the way. We expect to have the final results with
you on Monday.

From the first set of corrections, we see that the transfer questions
(Q3 and Q4) were challenging to answer, especially within the given timeframe.
Furthermore, there were technical difficulties with the online submissions.

We hence decided:
    - For the first instance of the assignment, we will lower the passing requirement
      to 30 points. This will not be the case for the retake.

    - We offer a re-take opportunity for this assignment if you did not pass.
      the retake will take place in the lecture slot on the 30th of June.

    - The retake will be pass/fail, and it will not be possible to get extra
      credits as with the first `. Hence, if you passed in the first
      assignment, we of course encourage you to participate online in self-practice,
      but ask you to not hand it in.

    - We will try to include more transfer questions in the homework assignments
      for the second half of the course, to also provide more challenging
      practice material closer to what can be expected in graded assessment.

We will also provide a short review of the feedback survey and an overview
analysis of scores and results from the assignment in the beginning of the 
lecture on the 27th.

With best regards,
The DN23 Team

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