Midterm feedback

Written on 19.06.2023 13:56 by Cristian Munteanu

Dear Students,

we just released the results for the mid-term assignment. As mentioned earlier,
we reduced the passing-grade to 30 points instead of 35.

To get a better idea of how the course is going, we would like to ask you to
fill out our post-grading survey here:

To get the assignment feedback, we will provide you the opportunity to pick up you assignment submission
after the lecture this week. No matter if you did the assignment online or in person,
you can pick up the corrected submission containing the feedback after the lectures on Tuesday (20.06.2023) or 
on Friday (23.06.2023).

To pick up the submission you need to identify yourself with your student ID card! - No student ID card == no submission!

You can ask a fellow student to pick up the submission in case you cannot come.
For this, please fill in and print the following form here.
You can pick up the submission of your fellow student only if you have the complete form (and your student ID  card of course)! 

If you are unable to pick-up your assignment, e.g., you are abroad and you do not have a VISA yet, please reach out via email.

If you did not pass the assignment, we invite you to participate in a retake

    - The retake will take place on the 30th of June, in the normal lecture slot,
      again as an online and offline assignment.

    - To remain consistent, the retake will follow the same difficulty gradient
      as the mid-term assignment. We encourage you to prepare for transfer

    - The retake will be pass/fail, and it will not be possible to gain 
      'extra credits' in the retake. You will need 35 points to pass!

    - We will be strict about submitting online versions via the official
      channel and will not accept submissions that did not put the answers on
      the supplied PDF. This means no submissions via email or submissions on
      additional sheets.

    - We of course encourage you to use the retake for practice if you already
      passed the first opportunity, but will not accept submissions.


For those that are curious about the point distributions and how they differ for online vs. offline exam takers please see: 

In addition, see figure below for a comparison of those students that registered for tutorials vs. those that did not:

Please reach out to us if you have any additional question.

With best Regards,
The DN23 Team

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