Written on 27.06.2023 20:27 by Tobias Fiebig

Dear students,

as discussed in today's lecture, there is a netfluencer called 'tracketpacer' making tiktoks*, youtube videos**, twitter posts***, and an insta channel**** about all things network(engineer)ing.

This might be a more fun way to learn about ethernet (her very special interest) and less boring parts of networking (like how to build a 10gE hub) in a more fun way than listening to me monologing for 90 minutes. ;-)

So, please find the links below:

Main page:

TikTok: (Where it all started)




Co-hosted Podcast:

With best regards,


* Of course I/we do not recommend the use of any external, cloud-based, social-media service; Be aware of the privacy implication, click at your own risk, and in case of doubt, use Tor.

** Yes, also not this one.

*** This one neither.

**** Nope, also not. 

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