Midterm Re-take

Written on 29.06.2023 14:53 by Cristian Munteanu

Dear Students,

The Midterm assignment re-take is getting closer - Friday, 30th of June, 14:00 CEST.

We would like to remind you that you can solve the midterm assignment either online
by downloading a PDF with questions from CMS (, or solving it in in-person,
where we will provide printed versions of the assignment for everyone.

 - read carefully all the information on the introduction sheet.
 - make sure that you fill identification information correctly (Name, student ID)
 - you will have 90 minutes at your disposal to solve the assignment (we also took into account the time to download and submit the solution)
 - submit the solution before the deadline! We will not accept any solution after the deadline! (valid for both online and in-person)

If you decided to do the midterm in person:

- you can pick up the printed version of the assignment in Room002, Building E13 (usual lecture room) starting from 14:15.
- you can use any empty seat in the Lecture Room to solve the assignment, you can also take it with you if you wish.
- IMPORTANT, you have to bring back your solution before the deadline! We will not accept any solutions after 15:45
- If you pick up the assignment after 14:15, your deadline is still 15:45!

If you decided to do the midterm online:

- you will be able to download the PDF starting from 14:15. (DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DOWNLOAD EARLIER!)
- IMPORTANT - you have to upload your solution before the deadline! We will not accept any solution after deadline(15:45).
- write your solution on the downloaded PDF! (We will not take in consideration submissions that do not follow the required format)
- Your submission will be printed and graded, so make sure that your answers are readable after printing (do not write pdf comments!)
- In case you encounter technical problems with downloading the PDF or uploading your solution please inform us before DEADLINE!
  You can do it via Email ( with proof of problem!
  In case you have internet issues, please contact via phone: +49 681 9325 3500 (Iris Wagner)

Good luck,
DN Team

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