Important Details of Data Networks Exam

Written on 31.07.2023 16:39 by Zubair Sediqi

Dear Students,

Below you will find some important details regarding your Data Networks exam:

Exam Date: 
  - August 2nd at 9:15 am (You can enter the exam room at 9:00 am) 

Exam Venue: 
   We will be using three different rooms. You are assigned to one of the rooms based on your matriculation number: 

    * Günter-Hotz Lecture Hall Building (E2.2): Numbers: 2539352 to 7038737 (inclusive) 
    * Lecture Hall 02 Building E1 3:                   Numbers: 7038817 to 7043840 (inclusive) 
    * Lecture Hall 01 Building E1 3:                   Numbers: 7046255 to 7048036 (inclusive)

Seat assignments:
  You will find your assigned seat according to the list posted on the doors of the lecture rooms. 
  On your seat you will find your personalized assignment. Therefore, do not use any other seat. If you are unsure, please contact a tutor outside the hall before you enter the hall or in the hall afterwards. 

Important Reminders:
* Be punctual and arrive at the exam venue well ahead of time to avoid any last-minute rush.
* Remember to bring all necessary examination materials, such as your student ID and pen(s) required for your exam.
* Adhere strictly to the examination rules and regulations put forth by the university.
* Maintain an atmosphere of quiet and respect for fellow students during the exam.
* During the first 60 minutes of the exam you will only be allowed to leave the exam hall in cases of emergencies. (Please use the restrooms before entering the exam hall.)
* During the last 15 minutes of the exam you will again only be allowed to leave the exam hall in cases of emergencies.
* During the remaining time it is OK to 
    * hand in your exam an leave the room
    * for 1 person at a time to leave the room to use the restroom

We wish you all the best for your exams! 

Best regards,
You DN Team

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