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Paper Preference and Seminar Kickoff Meeting

Written: 02.11.2020 15:14 Written By: Lars Prehn

Please provide us with your preferences for the seminar papers by the end of this week---until Sunday, 8th November 2020, 23:59, to be exact. You can do so by writing _the numbers_ of your _five_ favorite papers (in descending order) as a comma-separated line accompanied _only_ (i.e., don't add any formal header/greeting or footer/parting parts) by your name in the subject of the email to For example, the line "4, 10, 8, 27, 16" means that you prefer paper number 4 over paper number 10, etc. It also means that you prefer these five papers over all others.

To facilitate the decision process, we will host a kickoff meeting during which we will present short teasers for all papers. The kickoff meeting will happen this Wednesday, 14:15 CET. The zoom link will be available soon in the table in the Schedule section.


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