Detailed information about the online oral exam

Written on 08.07.2021 14:32 by Mirko Palmer

Hey folks,

first of all, our statistics show that 117 of you are eligible to take the exam, but we have only 71 who have registered and submitted the consent - so please do that asap! so we can schedule an exam slot for you.

Also a reminder about the course evaluation: if you want that the course will get better for future students, please tell us what we should improve.
You can find the links to the surveys there: the deadline for that is July 15.

Now, a detailed list of points of what we expect from you, what you can expect from us and generally how we conduct the exams.

First, please prepare the following way ahead of the exam:
1) register yourself to the exam;
2) submit your declaration of consent;
3) ensure that "Zoom" works on your Hardware;
4) ensure that your microphone works and that you are audible;
5) ensure that your camera works and that you are visible;
6) ensure that you can move your camera such that the lecturer can verify that you are the only person in the room.

At the time of your exam, please follow the steps outlined below:
1) enter the Zoom session at least ten minutes before your exam slot;
2) choose a username that is somewhat related to your actual name;
3) wait for the examiner to move you from the Zoom session's lobby to the actual examination room;
4) provide us with your identity by either showing us your student id or your identity card;
5) reaffirm (verbally) that you provide us your consent to conduct your oral exam online;
6) affirm that your physical and psychical conditions permit you to participate in the exam;
7) prove to us that there is no second person in the room and that you do not have access to any auxiliary means by panning your camera around your room.

Each exam starts with two questions (from different topics) randomly chosen from a large pool of different questions; thus, every oral exam is unique, and the chance that you encounter similar tasks as your fellow students is minimal. Notably, those two questions only provide a starting point for the exam---during the exam you may have to answer questions for more than two topics. If you feel more confident when you can take notes, please feel free to enter the exam with a pencil and an empty sheet of paper---please tell us that you do so at the beginning of the exam. The entire exam, including all formalities, takes 30 minutes, which leaves around 20 minutes for the actual question and answer part. If you run late, you will effectively lose time to convince us that you know the content and it will be harder to receive a good grade.

At the end of the exam, please follow the steps outlined below:
1) the examiner will move you into a break-out room and they will discuss your performance and decide on a grade;
2) wait for the examiner to move you back into the exam room; the examiner will tell you your grade;
3) after you received your grading (only for the oral exam itself, i.e., without applying any possible bonus) from the examiner, please leave the Zoom session.

After your exam, we will notify the examination office about your final grade (including the possible assignment bonus).

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