Peer-Review Process

During this part of the seminar, we emulate a peer-review process. The goal of our peer-review is two-fold: We want each of you to learn how to give (and structure) constructive feedback as well as how to receive (and properly incorporate) such feedback. For this purpose, we assigned you to groups of four students based on the preferred time slots you entered via the Doodle.


How the Peer-Review process will work

Before the Peer-Review session: Please read the drafts of the other three people assigned to your group. Afterwards, please fill out the feedback template for each of them. The template is available as PDF or Markdown version and a short explanation can be found here. If you prefer to, e.g., write your comments directly on the draft as annotations or in any different format, that is is perfectly fine; just make sure to cover the template's topics with your comments.

During the Peer-Review session: For each draft written by another student, explain your main comments and listen carefully to the comments of the other peer-reviewing students. If possible, discuss the importance of different comments in the group, e.g., does a comment point to a major flaw that necessarily must be addressed before the final submission or is it only a minor problem. Ensure that the author of the draft understood the main concerns of the peer-reviewers. If the other students discuss your own draft, please make sure to understand their main concerns and ask for further clarification if you do not fully understand a comment.

After the Peer-Review session: On the feedback template you can find certain sections that refer to the group interactions during the peer-review session. Please fill out those sections during or after the peer-review. Finally, please submit your feedback via the "Peer-Review Feedback" submission tab before 17th Jan. 2021, 23:59. Please ensure that the feedback for individual drafts is in PDF format and that you join/compress them afterwards into a .zip or .gz archive.



Peer-Review Groups and Materials

Time & Zoom Session Students Draft
Wednesday, 13th Jan. 2021, 16:00 CET Anirudh [8]
Zoom Session, Passcode: 334322 Fahad [7]
  Kai S. [3]
  Sharanya [13]
Thursday, 14th Jan. 2021, 16:00 CET Philipp [2]
Zoom Session, Passcode: 223242 Kai G. [1]
  Kazi [5]
  Tanjim [6]
Friday, 15th Jan. 2021, 12:00 CET Arun [12]
Zoom Session, Passcode: 178088 Gayathri [9]
  Simone [11]
  Stephan [4]
  Vikram [10]


The drafts are only available to already registered students and our team.

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