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Please submit presented slides + Evaluation available + Opt-out option for the grading email

Written: 17.02.2021 09:26 Written By: Lars Prehn

Dear Students,

First of all, thanks for the great seminar! As we announced yesterday, the course evaluation is now available:
We will close the evaluation site on 24th February. Entering your feedback helps us to improve our ongoing and future courses—something not only you but also your fellow students benefit from.

As a reminder: We will send you the final grades via email in a few days. If you do not want to receive your grade via email, please let us know before 18th Febr. 23:55 by writing to:
If you opt-out of the emailing process, you will be able to see your grade via the examination office or their related web interfaces later.

Finally, please upload the final version of the slides that you presented during the seminar before 18th Febr. 13:55 via the "Presented Slides" Submission tab.

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