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Peer-Review Process

Written: 08.01.2021 11:13
Modified: 13.01.2021 10:59
Written By: Lars Prehn

Dear Students,

Thank you for submitting your seminar paper drafts. 

We uploaded details on the next step, the peer-review process,
On the page, you can find your group members, their drafts, and how the peer-review process works.

Please make sure to submit your feedback via the "Peer-Review Feedback" submission tab before 17th Jan. 2021, 23:59.
Format your feedback for individual drafts as PDF and join/compress them afterward into a .zip or .gz archive.

After the submission deadline, we will forward you all the feedback related to your draft---likely on Monday, 18th Jan. 2021.
Please take the feedback part seriously; it might help you or your fellow students to improve your seminar report.

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