Block Seminar Information

The first day of seminar starts at 09:30, and the 2nd and 3rd day starts at 09:45. The seminar's Zoom session will be open at 9:00. Please use the in-between time as well as the lunch break to test if you can present your presentation and whether your audio system works. You must enable your video camera during your presentation. Further, we highly encourage you to activate your camera during all Q&A sessions to significantly improve the interactiveness and provide especially the current speaker with visual feedback. During the lunch break of the first day, we will use 15 minutes (i.e. 12:25-12:40 CET) to check your student IDs - please have them ready.

Please remember that your activity (questions, comments, etc.) during the seminar will influence your grade. We expect each student to be virtually present during the entire seminar (all days) unless they received an exception from us.


Session Chairs

Each student has to "chair" another student's presentation. A session chair reads, selects, and asks selected questions posted in the chat by the audience during the Q&A. It is most commonly seen that a session chair first asks a question of their own—this allows the audience to formulate and type their questions in chat. You can think of the session chair role as the "moderator" of the discussion.



While all students have to participate (mandatory) during the entire seminar, the individual student talks are scheduled as follows:


Day 1: 17.02.2022

Zoom Session: Link, Meeting-ID: 910 6534 2510 Passcode: 920242

Time (in CET) Topic Student Chair
09:30-09:45   Intro    
09:45-10:30   Network Security   Robin Ohs   Houcai Li
10:35-11:20   Network Security   Marjo Toska   Alwina Dsa
11:30-11:45   Network Security    Seyed Ali Rasaii   Ujjval Desai
11:45-12:05   Debriefing    
12:05-13:15   Lunch break    
13:15-13:45   Network Security   Seyed Ali Rasaii   Ujjval Desai
13:45-14:30   Programmable networks   Kenneth Kimari   Sidhant Kumar Mund
14:35-15:20   Programmable networks   Victor-Alexandru Padurean   Pascal Hennen
15:20-15:35   Short break    
15:35-16:20   Congestion Control   Mehrshad Lotfi Foroushani   Moein Alinaghian
16:25-17:10   Congestion Control   Gerd Alliu   Mika Meyer
17:10-17:30   Debriefing    


Day 2: 18.02.2022

Zoom Session: Link, Meeting-ID: 960 3834 8644 Passcode: 145962

Time (in CET) Topic Student Chair
10:00-10:45   Network measurement   Houcai Li   Robin Ohs
10:50-11:35   Network measurement   Mika Meyer   Marjo Toska
11:40-12:25   Network measurement   Moein Alinaghian   Kenneth Kimari
12:25-12:40   Debriefing    
12:40-13:45   Lunch break    
13:45-14:30   Social Networks   Alwina Dsa   Mehrshad Lotfi Foroushani
14:35-15:20   Location based services  Georg Friedel   Gerd Alliu
15:20-15:45   Debriefing    


Day 3: 21.02.2022

Zoom Session: Link, Meeting-ID: 966 9301 8517 Passcode: 447555 

Time (in CET) Topic Student Chair
10:00-10:45   Edge network   Ujjval Desai   Georg Friedel
10:50-11:35   Network architectures   Pascal Hennen   Victor-Alexandru Padurean
11:40-12:25   Traffic engineering algorithms   Sidhant Kumar Mund   Seyed Ali Rasaii
12:25-13:00   Debriefing    



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