The following table contains the list of papers that will be supervised in this seminar.

Please provide us with your preferences for the seminar papers by the end of Wednesday, 9th November 2022, 23:59.

You can do so by writing the numbers of your five favorite papers (in descending order)
as a comma-separated line accompanied only (i.e., don't add any formal header/greeting or footer/parting parts)
by your name in the subject of the email to

For example, the line "4, 10, 8, 27, 16" means that you prefer paper number 4 over paper number 10, and so on.
It also means that you prefer these five papers over all others.
To facilitate the decision-making process, we will present short teasers for all papers at our kick-off meeting on Friday, November 4, 2022, at 4:00 pm.


Paper#      Title
Paper_01 IMap: Fast and Scalable In-Network Scanning with Programmable Switches
Paper_02   Cebinae: scalable in-network fairness augmentation
Paper_03 Backpressure Flow Control
Paper_04 PLB: Congestion Signals are Simple and Effective for Network Load Balancing
Paper_05 Packet Order Matters! Improving Application Performance by Deliberately Delaying Packets
Paper_06 FastLane: Making Short Flows Shorter with Agile Drop Notification
Paper_07 Towards Timeout-less Transport in Commodity Datacenter Networks
Paper_08 Tardis: A Fault-Tolerant Design for Network Control Planes
Paper_09 The Case For In-Network Computing On Demand
Paper_10 TCP congestion signatures
Paper_11 Toward formally verifying congestion control behavior
Paper_12 A Unified Congestion Control Framework for Diverse Application Preferences and Network Conditions
Paper_13 ABM: active buffer management in datacenters
Paper_14 Floodgate: taming incast in datacenter networks
Paper_15 Time-division TCP for reconfigurable data center networks
Paper_16 TopoOpt: Optimizing the Network Topology for Distributed DNN Training
Paper_17 SiP-ML: High-Bandwidth Optical Network Interconnects for Machine Learning Training
Paper_18 Do Platform Migrations Compromise Content Moderation? Evidence from r/The_Donald and r/Incels
Paper_19 Analyzing Biases in Perception of Truth in News Stories and Their Implications for Fact Checking
Paper_20 RAFFMAN: Measuring and Analyzing Sentiment in Online Political Forum Discussions with an Application ...
Paper_21 AS-level BGP community usage classification
Paper_22 DynamIPs: Analyzing address assignment practices in IPv4 and IPv6
Paper_23 Follow the Scent: Defeating IPv6 Prefix Rotation Privacy
Paper_24 Rusty Clusters? Dusting an IPv6 Research Foundation
Paper_25 Deep Dive into the IoT Backend Ecosystem
Paper_26 A Flash(bot) in the Pan: Measuring Maximal Extractable Value in Private Pools
Paper_27 RouteInfer: Inferring Interdomain Paths by Capturing ISP Routing Behavior Diversity and Generality
Paper_28 Decentralized cloud wide-area network traffic engineering with BLASTSHIELD
Paper_29 TIPSY: Predicting where traffic will ingress a WAN
Paper_30 Changing of the Guards: Certificate and Public Key Management on the Internet
Paper_31 VPNalyzer: Systematic Investigation of the VPN Ecosystem
Paper_32 Return of version downgrade attack in the era of TLS 1.3
Paper_33 Tunneling for Transparency: A Large-Scale Analysis of End-to-End Violations in the Internet
Paper_34 From Single Lane to Highways: Analyzing the Adoption of Multipath TCP in the Internet
Paper_35 Who Is Answering My Queries: Understanding and Characterizing Interception of the DNS Resolution Path
Paper_36 Can I Opt Out Yet?: GDPR and the Global Illusion of Cookie Control
Paper_37 Do Cookie Banners Respect my Choice? Measuring Legal Compliance of Banners from IAB Europe’s ...
Paper_38 Before and After GDPR: The Changes in Third Party Presence at Public and Private European Websites
Paper_39 Understanding the Practices of Global Censorship through Accurate, End-to-End Measurements
Paper_40 Understanding the Impact of Encrypted DNS on Internet Censorship
Paper_41 A market of black boxes: The political economy of Internet surveillance and censorship in Russia
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