Lecture on how to prepare a technical presentation on Thursday (20th of Jan) 16:00 CET

Written on 13.01.2022 12:02 by Danesh Zeynali

Dear Students,

As promised during the kickoff meeting, we provide a lecture on preparing seminar (and other technical) presentations. The lecture starts on Thursday (20th of Jan) at 16:00 CET.


You can join the lecture via this Zoom invite:

Passcode: 452735


We will record the lecture. The chat will not be visible within the recording; however, Zoom records the active (i.e., the person that speaks the loudest at a given point in time) speaker's camera (if enabled) and all audio. Whenever you unmute yourself/enable your camera, you implicitly allow us to record your audio/video. 

Only currently registered students and our team members can access the lecture recording (similar to the other uploaded resources). 

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