Your availabilities for the Seminar Presentations (Doodle)

Written on 30.01.2023 11:00 by Danesh Zeynali

Dear students,
We have opened a Doodle where you can enter your availabilities for the seminar presentations. Please enter your information by Friday, February 3, 23:55 CET. You can find a link here (as well as in the schedule on the main page):

Please check _for each date_ if you have an exam conflict (no vote), if it is your preferred date (as green), or if you could make it if you had to (as yellow). Unless conflicts make it impossible, please mark at least two consecutive dates in green. If you have two or three scheduling conflicts, please email:

If you miss the deadline, we expect you to be available for all dates. Please assume that the presentations will take up the entire day, and we expect each student to attend the entire seminar.

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