Block Seminar Information

The first day of the seminar will start at 09:00, while on the second day, we will start at 09:15. We will end at 18:25 on both days. Please use the in-between time as well as the lunch break to test whether the system works. During the second day's lunch break, we will use 15 minutes (i.e. 12:00-12:45 CET) to check your student IDs - please have them ready.

Please remember that your activity (questions, comments, etc.) during the seminar will influence your grade. We expect each student to be present during the entire seminar (all days) unless they receive an exemption from us.


Session Chairs

Each student has to "chair" another student's presentation. A session chair starts with introducing the talk and organizes the Q&A at the end of the session. The session chair usually asks a question of their own first, allowing the audience time to formulate their questions. You can think of the session chair role as the "moderator" of the discussion.


Location for the first day:

Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Building E1 5
Lecture room 029


Location for the second day:

Max Planck Institute for Informatics
Building E1 4
Lecture room 024 on the entrance level

Please note the location change for the second day!!



While all students have to participate (mandatory) during the entire seminar, the individual student talks are scheduled as follows:

Day 1: 27.02.2024  (Building E1 5 - Lecture room 029)

Time (in CET) Topic Student Chair
09:00-09:15 Intro    
09:15-10:00 Internet Measurement, Security Muhammad Haris Anwar Malik Ali Haider Awan 
10:05-10:50 Measurements, usable privacy Hussein Sheaib Poornima Mani
10:55-11:40 Measurements, usable privacy MohammadMahdi Javid Nicolas Steinacker-Olsztyn 
11:40-12:00 Debrief    
12:05-12:55 Lunch break    
12:55-13:40 Social Networks Anam Imtiyaz Marc Schmelter
13:45-14:30 Social Networks: Measurements Taha Murtaza Gain Punit Lodha
14:35-15:20 Internet Measurement, IoT Raj Piyushbhai Sheth Hussain Zujerbhai Sadikot
15:20-15:35 Debrief    
15:35-15:50 Break    
15:50-16:35 Internet censorship Amirhossein Saemi Kevin Müller
16:40-17:25 Middleboxes and censorship Pavan Raviteja Upadhyayula  Mahammad Shirmammadli Amirhossein Saemi
17:30-18:15 Internet censorship Rustam Nurullayev Hussein Sheaib
18:15-18:35 Debriefing    


Day 2: 28.02.2024 (Building E1 4 - Lecture room 024 on the entrance level)

Time (in CET) Topic Student Chair
09:15-10:00 Internet Measurement, Security Malik Ali Haider Awan MohammadMahdi Javid
10:05-10:50 Internet Measurement (IPv4) Qiuchan He Muhammad Haris Anwar
10:55-11:40 Web privacy, Measurement Nicolas Steinacker-Olsztyn   Anam Imtiyaz
11:40-12:00 Debrief    
12:00-12:45 Lunch break    
12:45-13:30 Routing and IP Addressing, BGP  Marc Schmelter Taha Murtaza Gain
13:35-14:20 Routing and IP Addressing, RPKI  Poornima Mani Qiuchan He
14:25-15:10 Video Streaming Punit Lodha Raj Piyushbhai Sheth
15:10-15:25 Debrief    
15:25-15:40 Break    
15:40-16:25 DNS Hussain Zujerbhai Sadikot Rustam Nurullayev
16:30-17:15 DNS, ECS Kevin Müller Pavan Raviteja Upadhyayula
17:20-18:05 DNS Mahammad Shirmammadli Amirhossein Saemi
18:05-18:25 Debriefing    
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