The following table contains the list of papers that will be supervised in this seminar.

Please provide us with your preferences for the seminar papers by the end of Wednesday, 8th November 2023, 23:59 CEST.

You can do so by writing the numbers of your five favorite papers (in descending order)
as a comma-separated line accompanied only (i.e., don't add any formal header/greeting or footer/parting parts)
by your name in the subject of the email to

For example, the line "4, 10, 8, 27, 16" means that you prefer paper number 4 over paper number 10, and so on.
It also means that you prefer these five papers over all others.
To facilitate the decision-making process, we will present short teasers for all papers at our kick-off meeting on Friday, November 3, 2023, at 14:00 CEST.


Paper Nr.       Title
Paper_01   Congestion Control in the Wild - Investigating Content Provider Fairness
Paper_02    oBBR: Optimize Retransmissions of BBR Flows on the Internet
Paper_03 ECN with QUIC: Challenges in the Wild
Paper_04 Time-division TCP for Reconfigurable Data Center Networks
Paper_05 Bolt: Sub-RTT Congestion Control for Ultra-Low Latency
Paper_06 Computers Can Learn from the Heuristic Designs and Master Internet Congestion Control
Paper_07 Hydra: Effective Runtime Network Verification
Paper_08 VOXEL: Cross-layer Optimization for Video Streaming with Imperfect Transmission
Paper_09 Learning in situ: a randomized experiment in video streaming
Paper_10 Globally synchronized time via datacenter networks
Paper_11 Sundial: Fault-tolerant Clock Synchronization for Datacenters
Paper_12 Exploring the Cookieverse: A Multi-Perspective Analysis of Web Cookies
Paper_13 (Un)informed Consent Studying GDPR Consent Notices in the Field
Paper_14 Online Advertising in Ukraine and Russia During the 2022 Russian Invasion
Paper_15 CookieGraph: Understanding and Detecting First-Party Tracking Cookies
Paper_16 Fifteen Months in the Life of a Honeyfarm
Paper_17 Spoki: Unveiling a New Wave of Scanners through a Reactive Network Telescope
Paper_18 On the Effectiveness of BGP Hijackers That Evade Public Route Collectors
Paper_19 RPKI Time-of-Flight: Tracking Delays in the Management, Control, and Data Planes
Paper_20 xBGP: Faster Innovation in Routing Protocols
Paper_21 Live Long and Prosper: Analyzing Long-Lived MOAS Prefixes in BGP
Paper_22 Who Squats IPv4 Addresses?
Paper_23 Ipv6 Hitlists at Scale: Be Careful What You Wish For
Paper_24 GPS-Based Geolocation of Consumer IP Addresses
Paper_25 FIAT: Frictionless Authentication of IoT Traffics
Paper_26 How Ready is DNS for an IPv6-Only World?
Paper_27 A Formal Framework for End-to-End DNS Resolution
Paper_28 Passive Observations of a Large DNS Service:2.5 Years in the Life of Google
Paper_29 Yarrpbox: Detecting Middleboxes at Internet-Scale
Paper_30 Where The Light Gets In: Analyzing Web Censorship Mechanisms in India
Paper_31 Understanding Internet Censorship in Europe: The Case of Spain
Paper_32 How the Great Firewall of China Detects and Blocks Fully Encrypted Traffic
Paper_33 Oh yes! over-preparing for meetings is my jam :)": The Gendered Experiences of System Administrators
Paper_34 The Evolution of the Manosphere across the Web
Paper_35 Demystifying the Messaging Platforms' Ecosystem Through the Lens of Twitter
Paper_36 TUBERAIDER: Attributing Coordinated Hate Attacks on YouTube Videos to their Source Communities
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