Reminder: Peer Review Sessions

Written on 15.01.2024 15:27 by Emilia Weyulu

Dear Students,

This is a reminder for the upcoming peer review sessions tomorrow and on Wednesday. You should have received a Zoom meeting invitation for your session, if you have not, please let us know ASAP.

Further details about the peer review sessions can be found on this page: the peer-review process (the page is only accessible via a CMS account)
On the page, you can find the date of your peer-review session, your group members, their drafts, and how the peer-review process works.

Remember: Actively participating in the peer review session and providing constructive feedback is part of your duties for this course and contributes to your final grade.

Please make sure to submit your feedback via the "Peer-Review Feedback" submission tab by 26 January 2024, 23:59 CET.
Format your feedback for individual drafts as PDFs and join/compress them afterward into a .zip or .gz archive.


Best regards,

The HTDN team

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