Lecture on how to prepare a technical presentation on Tuesday (06 February 2024) at 14:00 CET

Written on 29.01.2024 10:52 by Emilia Weyulu

Dear Students,


As promised at the kick-off event, we are offering a lecture on preparing seminar (and other technical) presentations. The lecture will start on Tuesday (06 February 2024) at 14:00 CET.

You can attend the lecture via this Zoom invitation:

Meeting ID: 680 6738 5130
Passcode: 098270

We will be recording the lecture. The chat will not be visible in the recording. However, Zoom will record the camera of the active speaker (i.e., the person speaking loudest at a given time) and any audio (if enabled). When you unmute or activate your camera, you implicitly allow us to record your audio/video. 

Only currently registered students and our team members can access the lecture recording (similar to the other uploaded resources).


Best regards,

The HTDN team

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