Reminder: Choosing your preferred paper

Written on 08.11.2023 10:27 by Emilia Weyulu

Dear students,


This is a reminder that the deadline for sending us your paper preferences is today, Wednesday, 8th November 2023, 23:59 CET.

You can do so by writing the numbers of your five favorite papers (in descending order)
as a comma-separated line accompanied only (i.e., don't add any formal header/greeting or footer/parting parts)
by your name in the subject of the email to

For example, the line "4, 10, 8, 27, 16" means that you prefer paper number 4 over paper number 10, and so on.
It also means that you prefer these five papers over all others.

You can view the list of papers on the Papers page under the Information menu.


Best regards,


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